New Name, New Look

As I am still getting the hang of this blogging idea I have decided to change up a few things, hopefully for the better!  Although the name ‘loveaafair’ is near and dear, it didn’t quite capture the theme of the site I’m attempting to create and to change that, ‘Hudson Armitage’ is born!  So without further ado, here’s the 411 on the new moniker:

Among my laundry list of titles, MilSo is one that I am most proud of.  Though our story began over 7 years ago, it was our romance that flourished during his time at the United States Military Academy at West Point, situated on the banks of the Hudson River Valley.  The Hudson River Valley is rich in history, beauty, and wonderful memories, and incorporating a piece of that into this blog feels like a natural homage to a more personal element of my life.

Before I packed up my polka dot luggage and Ikea home furnishings, I was proud to call Chicago home for my post-grad transition year.  This time was an amazing growth experience for me in many ways, but overall I left the Windy City having developed into a more mature, savvy, and independent version of my former self.  ‘Armitage’ represents this part of my life, as this area of Lincoln Park was my little slice of heaven.  From Paper Source to Art Effect to Benefit, I spent a lot of time in this little area and took far more away than buttons and baubles.

With a new name and new look, I hope this blog continues to spark a bit of something for someone, even if there’s only 4 of you out there 🙂



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