My Lonely Kitchen


To my dismay, I leave far too much to be desired when it comes to culinary competence.  Although I consider myself to have great taste, I truly lack creativity in the kitchen and often find myself lost without a recipe.  This has become more and more of an issue as of late, since my resident personal chef/fiancé deployed leaving me to fend for myself in the scary world of ‘what’s for dinner?’.  After a long day at work and a one-hour commute home, slaving over a stove/oven/grill is the furthest thing down my to-do list, and cooking for one?  Yeah, I’ll pass.  This behavior has led me down the road of take out sushi, snacks instead of real food, and skipping dinner all together.  When you mix this with my lack of motivation to exercise in the last few weeks, you can see that I’m headed for disaster.  With that being said, as the deployment’s end is creeping upon me it is time to make some changes in my house, and what better way to start than with cleaner and more organized eating habits.  So if you’re looking to eat a bit healthier or just find some new recipes, feel free to pop in and see what I’m up to.  I’ll be doing my best to post on this topic weekly and update on recent progress in the kitchen, so be sure to follow along and share your favorite tips and recipes for a healthy lifestyle!



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