[Health and Wellness] Juice Cleansing


After the abundance of fabulous holiday treats and feasts (combined with emotional eating caused by a deployment Christmas), I made my New Year’s resolution/priority #1 to jump start 2014 on a healthy note.  As soon as my plane took off headed home from the holidays, I began my research to find the most appropriate route for me.  Juice cleansing was  just about everywhere I looked and therefor I figured I would start my journey there.  With juice cleansing diets flirting with a $60 per day mark, I decided a mail-order service was not for me and so, of course, it was Pinterest to the rescue.  The cleanse I opted to try was entitled ‘ START FRESH: 2014 Homemade Juice Cleanse!‘ <– exciting, right?  Now this 3-day cleanse and all associated recipes and grocery lists are intended to serve two, so I did cut everything in half *whomp, whomp… #ArmyWifeLife.  Anyways, picking up the necessary ingredients at the commissary, I made it out of the store with everything I needed in under $70 (much less than the alternative, mail-order cleanses!)  Having gone vegan for 3-days leading up to the cleanse (including substituting my daily Venti Pike Place for a big mug of green tea) I felt I was ready to take on the challenge.

Day 1:  I severely underestimated the time it takes to make these juices.  I was working remotely on Day 1 due to the threat of snow (which here in the South pretty much means doomsday), so I had more time than normal to roll up my sleeves and juice to my heart’s content.  It felt like I was constantly cutting and slicing, juicing, dissembling the juicer, cleaning the juicer, reassembling, and repeating.  It was exhausting.  Juice 1 ‘The Greens’ was intense and tasted like a salad (which it pretty much was).  Juice 2, ‘The Hydrator’  was better (but not by much) and Juice 4 ‘The Roots’ was inedible (and now I have to find a recipe that requires 3 days worth of beets…).  Juice 5 ‘Hydrate and Digest’ was my favorite by far, and tasted more like something you’d have at a spa to refresh than a meal replacement.


By the end of Day 3 I was starving and cranky and ready to take a long hiatus from my juicer.  All-in-all I would have to consider the juice cleanse a partial success.  Was I excited to make and drink only juice for 3-days? No.  Did I have my normal energy level? Not even close.  But between the cleanse itself and pre-/post- cleanse vegan diet, I am definitely paying attention to what I put into my body and making a conscious effort to live a healthier lifestyle in general, to include my new favorite class, spinning.

If you’re looking to jump start a healthy lifestyle in 2014 I would recommend a cleanse, however maybe a 1-2 day deal, and maybe not the one that I tried.  Be smart.  If you drink 2 Venti coffees every morning, switch it up and substitute that java for green tea.  If your diet consists of mostly preservative heavy, sodium/sugar/filler laden meals, try to eat Paleo or Vegan for a week.  I’m not a dietitian, health nut, or fitness expert, I just know what makes me feel good-inside and out, and treating my body like a temple and not a garbage can definitely feels good.

Have you tried a juice cleanse that you loved?  Any juice recipes you recommend? Let us know!




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