About Me


I am…

I’m Alex, a 20-something Midwest born and bred southern transplant to the beautiful state of North Carolina via Army PCS.  I laugh at my own jokes, I love furry creatures, I have a not-so-slight shopping addiction, and can’t help but enjoy celebrating a good happy hour from time to time.  I live for my family, and I love me some Jesus.  Getting that glam on is tops, yet there’s no better feeling than a pair of yoga pants post-party.  I don’t always say the right thing, and tend to forget my filter from time to time.  I’m a little sassy, and [for the most part] classy, I believe in true love, karma, and that all things happen for a reason.

I adore…

netflix binges, designer sales, subscription boxes, home decor, celebrity gossip, witty memes, my love/hate relationship with running, healthy living (and the more than occasional decadent treat..), new recipes, pretty things, and above all–i love my crazy military life.

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